3. Europäische Landkirchenkonferenz

11. – 13.10.2023

The countryside as a resource?

Mi., 11.10., 13.00 Uhr bis Fr., 13.10.2023, 13.00 Uhr
The countryside as a place for working and living is increasingly attractive especially for young people. The growing awareness of the necessity to develop a more sustainable lifestyle fits well to the possibilities rural areas can provide. We want to highlight the resources that local congregations and the church in total can contribute with to a good and healthy living. Delegations from Denmark, Germany, England, Sweden and other European countries will learn from and with each other.

Leitung: Nora Steen, Maike Lauther-Pohl
Veranstalter: Christian Jensen Kolleg, Evangelische Akademie der Nordkirche
Anmeldung: oder 04671 9112-0
Teilnahmekosten: 196,00 €


3rd European Conference of Churches in rural areas_Flyer